Day 32 – roadwalking and the lovely Hakarimata lovely track

  • Date: 17.12.2019
  • TA km: 712.5-730.2 Huntly Golf Course to Hakarimata range
  • Actually walked: 19ish
  • Dry feet: nope
  • Blisters: ok

The weather forecast was not the best but we started walking quite early. The first part would be some kilometers of road walking. When we got to Huntly it started raining and soon my feet were soaked. Not great at all. And it was supposed to rain on and off the whole day.

When we got to the trail, I was surprised. The first kilometer was a gravel path/stairs. And then the normal shenanigans started and soon I was huffing and puffing again.

A nice path for a change. Very un-TA

It’s views like this..

But the forest was really nice and I was quite enjoying myself. When we got to this clearing at km 730, it was 3pm and the heavy rain was supposed to start about then. After some thinking we decided it would be best to stay there and walk the rest the next day in better weather. Soon enough it starter POURING and puddles started to form. I was soooo happy I wasn’t in the forest at that moment. And my feet were very happy to be dry and in dry socks.

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