Day 34 – a big lunch and seeing Pirongia in the distance

  • Date: 19.12.2019
  • Ta km: 759-774 Hamilton to Whatawhata
  • Actually walked: 20ish
  • Dry feet: no
  • Blisters: ok

We got up pretty late and had a lot to take care of. Not a good sign for a nice walking day. We did our resupply in the nearest CountDown and had lunch there too. Then we headed to the DOC office so that I could get my hut pass. As we were on our way back to the trail we saw a chippy shop. And of course we had to stop there to have some chips as a second lunch. And a soda. Duh.

Another addition to my mail box collection

After that we really went back on trail and started our little walk to Whatawhata. It was a hot day and the path was easy to follow and to walk.

A nice view after Hamilton

We ran into some American TA hikers. It was nice to meet new people who are also walking the trail. When we got to Whatawhata we went to the Backyard Bar, the owner is a trail angel and lets TA trampers pitch their tents in the backyard and even take a hot shower. A little bit later Lucie, a French hiker from our group showed up. It was very nice to see her again! We didn’t quite realize how difficult it would be to get some sleep. The cars driving by and the lights were very disturbing and it was the first night I had to use my sleeping mask AND earplugs.

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