Day 35 – cow followers and a suspiciously nice path

  • Date: 20.12.2019
  • Ta km: 774-798 Whatawhata to Doc campsite
  • Actually walked: 15ish
  • Dry feet: no

Blisters: okThe other two TA walkers left the campsite at 6am. I was surprised they managed to stick to their plan. Because of the weather forecast we wanted to only get to the DOC campsite and climb the actual Pirongia the next day. The campsite wasn’t very far and it was mostly road walk. Only at least this time we didn’t have to run over the bridge to avoid getting run over.

The whole day the weather kept going from sunny and warm to cold and rainy. For our lunch we decided that eating inside a tent would be the best since it really looked like it was about to start pouring with rain. And it did.

Later on when we walked through some paddocks, there was a paddock with young cows, one of them came over and let us scratch her and seemed to be enjoying it very much. When we started walking away, the whole heard followed us. Hillarious but a little intimidating!

When the road walk was over and we got to the last few kilometers of an actual track to the campsite, it was a suspicious one. Gravel, wide, too nice to be true. I kept expecting some sort of mud bath as I got used to them on TA, but it did not happen. It was nice the whole way! When we got to the campsite, another German TA hiker was already there and a family, who apparently has been LIVING there for the last few months. Soon enough it started raining again, but this time the rain created a beautiful double rainbow. It was an easy day and I was looking forward to the next day’s challenge as well as dreading it.

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