Day 37 – roadwalking and great views

  • Date: 22.12.2019
  • Ta km: 816(ish)-840
  • Actually walked: 24ish
  • Dry feet: no

It was quite an easy day to do, and the weather forecast was very promising. I was hoping my shoes would be dry in the morning which did not happen unfortunately. Instead I put on my sandals to let my shoes dry more hanging off my pack. The day would be a (gravel) road walk. Originally we hoped to catch up with the others who stayed at a place 7km further, but that did not happen. Soon after we started walking we saw the magnificent view of Mt Tongariro and Ngauruhoe. We’d be there soon!

How amazing is that view?!

I made a new friend! A dog running around just decided to follow us, so eventually when it became apparent he wouldn’t leave, we had to turn back and take him to where the owners lived. Walking the road, I finally saw a proper “walkers” sign. The person on the sign had a backpack and a walking pole! Getting closer I quickly realized that somebody just used tape to do that, which was hilarious and a little disappointing!

A little later on we found a single sheep on another gravel road and it wasn’t afraid at all. Most likely somebody’s pet sheep. Very cute!

When I was eating lunch I noticed a 4leaf clover, which immediately reminded me of my family (they gave me a necklace like that before I left for NZ, which I never take off).

Getting to the farmland we ran into Whit, who was taking a nice little afternoon nap. Quite a funny encounter. About 10min later I got to the paddock and saw two young horses running along the fence, one on each side. Soon enough a farmer showed up, one of the horses got to the wrong side of the fence and he was trying to get him back inside the paddock. No luck though. We talked a little and then continued walking. The airstrip seemed like a place with a lovely view, but way too windy, so we continued walking for a bit until we found a nice flat spot to stay for the night. It still had an amazing view, just a different one.

A nice camping spot

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