Day 38 – unexpected river crossing and cheating (again)

  • Date: 23.12.2019
  • Ta km: 840-874
  • Actually walked: 16ish
  • Hitched: 15km
  • Dry feet: no

The day started with walking through a manuka bush and a really nice forest. At one point I saw a tiny black baby goat, but it ran away when I got closer to it. I managed to step into some mud unfortunately and got my feet wet which made me very angry (and yes I did swear).

A cute baby hoat

A short while later we got to a big creek/a small river that we had to cross. I wasn’t mentally prepared for that. But hey my feet were already wet. I took off my shoes and socks, and just crossed barefoot. It was really REALLY cold. I wad quite desperate for a shower by then and thought about just washing in the river, but it was just too cold and I couldn’t make myself do it.

A while later we saw “beer ahead” written in the dust on the ground which made me very excited, but the longer we walked the more apparent it became there would be no beer anywhere ahead. Bummer. Instead we got to a gravel road which lead to a normal road. At noon we got to the Waitomo caves. Because it was so hot that day and we wanted to catch up with the others, we decided to just hitchhike to Te Kuiti. The first ride we got was the easiest one yet! Literally the moment I put my hand up a car pulled over. Yay. Getting the next ride however took 30minutes. But there was a funny moment when a group of bike riders went past and we jokes about getting a ride from them.

When we got to Te Kuiti we ran into some other TA hikers and had lunch. This was the first time on trail that I actually felt like I ate enough, too much in fact. Definitely had more calories than I burned! After resupplying we ran into Whit and later when the others showed up we continued to the quarry behind Te Kuiti.

My monstrous lunch

We all bought some drinks so we had a nice and fun evening together before the mosquitoed started eating us alive.

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