Day 39 – Christmas zero in Te Kuiti

  • Date: 24.12.2019
  • Ta km:
  • Actually walked: 5
  • Dry feet: yeees

Christmas! For me at least. We all decided to go to the backpackers just outside of town. And that would mean a hot shower, a real towel and being able to do laundry! We got picked up in town at 1pm and of course that when I wanted to take a shower, the hot water was out! Just like in Ngunguru. Argh. Well the lovely owners let me take a shower in one of the rooms for guests. I even could use shampoo, shower gel. Oh my God. I was sooooo happy. After doing all the laundry I could finally relax. Well not really. My sleeping pad had developed a slight leak over the past few days (nights) so I had to find it and the family’s swimming pool seemed like the ideal place to do that. But no matter what I tried and had help, the leak remained to be hidden.

Christmas, baby!

We started with our Christmas celebration (aka drining wine) and just chilled on the couch, catching up and just enjoying the not walking. Having the other girls there was so nice, talking about girl stuff and just in general.

Cheers mate

As it got closer to the time we’d normally have dinner back home with my family, I felt more and more sad. I realized that was the time to open the letter I got from my brother and sis-in-law that was labeled “for when you’re REALLY feeling homesick”. Well it made me smile, it made me laugh and it made me cry. I called my sis-in-law and we talked for a bit. But still I felt so alone being so far away from my family. The rest of the evening was nice, there was a campfire, more wine and just chillin.

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