Day 40 – unmarked farmland and meeting Gary

  • Date: 25.12.2019
  • Ta km: 873-891
  • Actually walked: 20
  • Dry feet: yep

We got a ride from the lovely campsite owner to the trail and started from there. We walked the river bit for the third time (nope still not my favourite section). We walked past many sheep and a few times the trail was pretty much nonexistent, just walk your own trail kinda thing. We had to scramble uphill, in the heat, with the packs heavy after fresh resupply and with no trail to follow. We ended up being much higher than we were even supposed to, but we could see the next trail marker.


I set out on my own, just following the orange triangles down the farmland and trying not to get lost. Eventually there were no markers, so I just pulled out my phone with the trail app instead and followed that. I had to cross a stream and as I wad walking towards it the ground simply disappeared from under my left foot and I fell straight through until I was sitting on the ground, one leg in a hole and the other under me. Luckily I didn’t hurt myself, so I carried on carefully since I didn’t trust the ground anymore.

Where are you, Bilbo?

I saw this nice forest bit and it seemed like the path went that way so I followed it and found Anouk taking a break, so I joined her. After a while two other hikers walked past, so we decided to start walking again, but leaving the forest path which turned out not to be the trail and bush bashed to the actual trail instead. Which was a good call, because it was a nice wide path. We walked past an interesting looking forest, I believe they were eucalyptus trees and after walking through a huge paddock with young (cute) bulls, we got to the campsite. Jack was already there and to our surprise even Whit was there, he got a ride and walked the rest to catch up. Later on we met Gary the rat, he was a very active fellow and kept going through the bin looking for food scraps.

An eucalyptus forest?

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