Day 41 – roads, heat and trying not to go crazy

  • Date: 26.12.2019
  • Ta km: 891-931 honesty box campsite to Timber trail km3
  • Hitched: 7km
  • Actually walked: 33
  • Dry feet: yep
  • The whole day would be just (gravel) road walking. Something I was not particularly looking forward to as my feet seem to hate road walking.
  • We were trying to keep ourselves entertained, listening to music, singing and just being silly but as it got hotter and hotter I got more and more grumpy and decided to walk alone and blast music and just sit in the shade whenever I got too angry. I just can’t handle heat very well.
  • I didn’t even bother taking many pictures because the views were nothing special. Just farmland everywhere.
  • Just keep walking
  • When we got to the state highway we were fully fed up with the road walking and decided to hitchhike that particular bit (about 8km). We got a ride from a very strange bloke, but hey we didn’t have to walk! After that we still had some kms to cover when a car pulled over and Elli, another hiker from our group jumped out. Such a funny timing coincidence. The three of us continued together. The start of the timber trail made me very happy. It was a lovely path, flat, in a really nice forest. And my feet were LOVING it. When we got to this small bridge we decided to camp there because it was very late and we were super tired after having walked 32km in the heat.
  • The path, look at it!
  • Sadly my first sawyer bag broke there. Dun dun dun.
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